15 February, 2018

Good afternoon!  It’s Thursday according to my watch.  I have the Olympics on TV, it’s 60 degrees outside and I have a window partly open for some fresh air.

Yesterday was a good decluttering day…..I donated 3 boxes of rubber and acrylic stamps to a friend, who is really in to the card making, and scrapbooking stuff.  Why?  I don’t have the patience to list one stamp at a time on Ebay, etsy, etc.  I haven’t used them in over 5 years and (if you remember), I’m on a decluttering mod.

So, tomorrow is trash day, and I was a bit lazy last week with getting the trash to the curb.  SOOOOOOO, anyways……

When I started cross stitching in 1986, I was in the Navy and moving around the world. I started buying/gathering all the colors of threads so, in my thinking, I would have what I wanted in case I found a pattern I liked and not being near a store.  Haven’t use them.  So I think some of them have gotten a bit of dry rot now.  So, to the trash bag they go.

Here is a picture of my first cross stitch.  I was stationed at the Naval Reserve Center in Bangor, ME.

So, that’s it for now.



It’s another Monday. LOL

I went to the Tangle yesterday.  The weather was foggy, but in the 50’s.  I presented my finished piece (A Journey with Siebbel).  On the way home, saw a car wreck.  The little red car was smashed flat.  Going to fast, I think.

So, I took the bag of the stash patterns I was donating to the group.  Only brought 5 out of 40 back home, so that’s pretty good.  And I hit my stash pile again and weeded out another 40 patterns.  What’s good is now I have one file cabinet full of patterns and material, when I started with the file cabinet and three storage bins.  I’ll take those to the ocean in April for the stitching weekend.

I have set aside the next few stitching patterns to do when I finish the autumn piece and the one other small piece I have started.  Actually, I have 6 projects coming.  Three are very large (Adam and Eve is one), and one small one of Sweetheart tree alphabet’s (I’m on “E for Egg” I think).  And the two I mentioned above.

I’ll post photos tomorrow or so to show everything.  The Olympics hockey is on and I’m out. LOL



Thursday. Enough said.

Well, today wasn’t a total bust.  I shredded another bag, which is always nice to try and get THAT pile down.  Ran the sweeper in the master bedroom again afterwards to pick up the shred stuff that escaped the bag.  Rusty and Sara Sue hate the sweeper and the noise it makes! LOL!  When they run and hid, I get a hour of peace and quiet!!

The phone has been ringing a lot lately, I turn 65 (and have to change insurance to Medicare) very soon and everyone wants to tell me about their product, or get me to donate to their organization.   Geez!  Back off, will ya?

Okay, about my stitching,  still no progress on that!  Actually, I haven’t left the house for about a week now, too cold out and nothing needed at the store.  But tomorrow I got to go to Giant and get my prescriptions – boo, hiss…..

This is what I am working on now, as a break from the Adam and Eve piece.  This is Just Nan’s “Winter Typography” in the first two pictures, and the “Autumn Typography” of hers that I completed maybe 4-5 years ago.  I have the spring and summer one’s all kitted up (meaning I have the threads, and material together in the pattern bag).

Okay, last, but not least, the Olympics preshows start tonight.  So, after I get the trash out to the curb, I’m sitting, stitching, and watching the tv.

Later all…



6 February 2018

Hmmmm. I have been sooooo unproductive the whole last 7 days.  I started working on the tree trunk and it’s just so detailed and a bit hard.  Sigh, well, that’s just not going to continue.  So, I started a load of wash, and going to sweep the bedroom floor.

So, this is a short note.  More later.


Why do perms smell so bad?

Evening all,

I got a perm today.  If I don’t my hair is flat and uglyish.  Rosie does them on Wednesday for $35.00, which I think is a good deal.  It’s just the not washing the hair for three days.  But I usually just wet it instead to try and get the smell out.  Ick!

Let me state, I do not like to do housework.  And cleaning the toilet is the worse job there is.  But, the bathroom was next on the list of “to dos” so, while Dr. Phil was on, I cleaned the whole thing.  Even got down on the hands and knees to clean in the nooks and crannies.  Bravo!

Tomorrow, is a couple hours in my master bedroom closet.  I stopped at Office Depot to buy 10 storage boxes.  When I fill them, I will call Purple Heart to come and get them.  Then buy another 10 boxes……see the pattern?  I figure I have enough zones to hit each area about every two weeks.  Then, (I hope) start combining areas to get a complete cleaning every seven days.  That’s all I can handle at the moment and not feel over whelmed.

Oh yeah, I updated my web (?) to the $4.00/month plan.  Now, I got to figure it out.

So, it’s time to eat dinner and stitch.  Later…


Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Hey there!  I can’t believe it’s the end of January already……

I went to my Essential Oils class today, we talked about Immune Support and what blends could help.  As usual, I enjoyed the class and Jennifer made me a blend of melaleuca (tea tree), basil, and eucalyptus to help clear my sinuses in the morning.

Okay, I have been working on “Ten” by Amy Mitten.  It’s been slow going…..really slow going.  See the picture below.IMG_1052

As you can see, I finished the goat on the right side, cross stitched the serpent in, and filled in more of poor Eve.

Next I’ll start at the top of the tree and fill in the tree trunk.  This calls for using the Ceylon stitch back and forth, but I’ll probably just use a Double Running Stitch.  I’ll work one needle full for the trunk, then one needle full for Eve.  That way I can save my eyes from all that close over one stitches on Eve.

There is more work on the serpent using the Trellis stitch.  It is suppose to give the serpent a detached look from the fabric.  We’ll see.

By the way, I am only on Chapter 3 out of 10 chapters.  I have along way to go.

For my decluttering task today, I am going through all the photo albums Mom had of various ski trips, vacations, etc.  No one wants them, so I take out the photos, throw them away, and will recycle the empty albums.

Back to work….


Monday, 29 January 2018

Hhmmm, I cleaned out about 40 cross stitch patterns and got them together in a bag to take to the next Tangle, yesterday.

Today, I cleaned out 1 and a half closet shelves in one of the spare bedroom of papers and junk.  Shredded the important papers I didn’t need and made three piles.  1. tax paperwork and important papers, 2. stuff that are papercrafts, crochet books, and maybe things that I can give away to another crafter, and the 3rd pile is recipes and magazines to read through TODAY.

So, now I did my “homework” and can go stitch.  The Adam and Eve project I’m doing is 40 count over 2, except for filling in Eve which is over one thread with continental stitch.  It’s very tiring on my eyes…….but again, on ward and up ward.  Tomorrow is progress picture day.

More later,