Monday, 16 April 2018

Good afternoon, all.

I’m back from a weekend in Ocean City, MD.  It was chilly and really windy.  There were 25 of us in the hotel conference room just stitching and talking, and (of course) buying new things at the Salty Yarns store.  The drive took a long time coming home, though, the weather people said it was going to get bad, so a lot of people left around noon on Sunday.  Believe it or not, it was snowing during the Kansas City baseball game on Saturday!

Let’s see……the Amy Mitten project.  I just give up on this one.  Was trying to make the ivy leaf to cover Adam’s parts and it looked like a piece of lacy.  Not a solid leaf.  So, I got frustrated, and wrapped it up and put it in the car.  I am giving up on that thing.  Ahh well…..

I purchased some beads at the Salty Yarn on Thursday and finished adding them to the “Winter Typography” piece on Friday.  See the picture below.  Two of the girls purchased the same pattern this weekend.  I am adding the threads I used on this piece to the threads and fabric for the “Spring Typography” piece – it uses some of the same colors.

I completed the Bent Creek “Pink + White” piece – see below.  Onward we go….

Here are a few photos of some of the scraps of fabrics I picked up.  I’ll figure something out later on.  We have a stash pile – I think I talked about this many months ago.  Someone brought in scraps of fabric for the pile, and I ran my fingers through it.

New projects started:  iStitch Designs “Sew a Brown Bunny”, and JBW Designs “Peace at Christmastide.  Photos below.

What did I buy?  Renee Greene “Summer 2017”.  She has designed an Ocean City cross stitch piece every year for about 20 years.  If you want to see all of her designs, go the Salty Yarns website.

I also bought 4 Faby Reilly Designs – “Magnolia Sampler”, “Violet Needlebook”, “Wild Rose Needlebook”, and “Peony Biscornu”  Photos below.

I had a great time, but I was very tired when I got home.  Bye for now. And I thought I figured out the photo orientation!






Friday night, 6 April 2018

Evening all!  I’ve been lazy the past week.  So tired of snow, nice warm day, then rain, snow, repeat.  I can not wait for a little warmer day or two and no more threat of snow…..

Anyways, I finished The Sweetheart Tree’s “Tiny Spring Violet Sampler”.  I’ll upload a photo.

I worked on the Fig Leaf for Adam and Eve’s project.  I got to keep working on it……….

And I started Bent Creek’s “Pink + White” project.  This piece is stitch on 32 count fabric over 2 threads with 2 strands of floss.  The size of the stitched area in 2″ x 2″.  This time, before I started stitching, I ran a black thread around the stitch boundaries every 5 stitches.  I wanted to see if this “helped” me not to miscount.  So far, so good.  Photo below.

When I start a cross stitch project, I always starch the fabric.  And when I’m done with the piece I restarch it.  Always have, always will.

Since I’ve been doing ALOT of stitching, I have listened to any and all baseball games on TV.  It’s nice, and my mom use to do it also – but on the radio.

Well, that’s it for now.  Let me add the photos.  Guess I’m going to have to figure out how to rotate the pictures.

Take care,


Monday, 26 March 2018

Evening all!  It’s very late on a Monday night.  A friend’s husband passed away last week and I went to the viewing tonight.  Just a sad day.

But I got the “Autumn Typography” done except for the beading.  I’ve misplace the package, so I need to take the piece to the store and match the beads to the color of the threads.  I made a mistake in the counting of the threads around the border.  (Photos below).

Now I am working on the last of the 5 pieces that I started in December 2017 while in Ocean City, MD.  Which is good, because we are going back to the ocean in a couple weeks and I will have 5 new pieces to start (next blog post), along with the Adam and Eve monster I really, really need to get a move on.

This piece is “Tiny Spring Violet Sampler” by The Sweetheart Tree.  It uses silver braid which is the worst thing to stitch with, I think.  (Photos below).

That’s it for now,




Another Pretty Darn Good Day!

Today (Saturday) was a busy day.  Ellen and I went to Best Buy, where she found a desktop she liked.  Her old one used Vista and most programs don’t support that.  I checked out the prices and sizes of TV’s.  I don’t have a big house so having a 40-60 inch wide screen would be pointless.

Then we went to Partners in Care.  This place resells clothes, shoes, household items.  She found a wheeled walker that will fit in the car.  I didn’t see anything that said “Buy me”.

Then lunch at Bob Evans.  Then off in a flea market where Ellen bought some old cross stitch patterns.  Again, nothing for me.

Last but not least we stopped in to Bay Area Computers.  They were nice.  I have one desktop computer system, and many laptops.  Turned in the oldest laptop from when I was in Sicily in the early 1990’s.  They destroy the hard drive – and if you want, you can watch them do it.  So, I will be taking more over to them – keyboards, mouse, printers, scanners, and etc.  They only thing they don’t take in monitors – they go to the dump.

So now I’m listening to the baseball game – Oakland Athletics and San Francisco Giants. And stitching.  Still in preseason games.  But in less then two weeks – BASEBALL.

The weather is still a bit windy and chilly.

Bye for now,


Another 4 Boxes out the door!

I’m happy.  Today, I gave 4 more boxes of scrapbooking paper and stuff to my friend.  And a cart to hold the paper.  I can now walk from one side to another without squeezing thru stuff.  Also, I loaded 2 large bags and a box into my car to take to Goodwill.  It really feels nice to declutter, even if it is one shelf, or one drawer, or one box at a time.

Then I took 3 of Mom’s picture albums and took all the photos out (trashed).  Saved a few of them, and put the empty albums in the recycle bin.

Tomorrow, I am going to a computer repair place to check out what I can do with my old desktop computer, and laptops.  Also printers, keyboards, etc.  Would like to scrub the hard drives, but we’ll see.

So, now I’m stitching and listening to spring training baseball games.  All in all, a great productive day!


Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Evening!  I took Ellen to her heart doctor’s appointment a little bit ago.  Then we ate at Two Rivers Restaurant.  So I’m fat and full, lol.

So, today I was able to make an appointment to get a new ID Card, checked with Tricare about switching my coverage and that was all I did.

So, now, all the baseball games are in the bottom of the seventh and no other games tonight, sad to say….

Think I’ll stitch for awhile.  Short and sweet for today.  Bye for now.


Monday and Household Chores

Boy, I hate the time changes.  It takes me a week to adjust…. So, got the wash going, and watching a Spring time prebaseball game.  Washington Nationals and Detroit Tigers.  They are playing in Florida, I think.

I went to the Tangle group meeting yesterday.  It was a nice day, but still a little chilly.  Here is an update on the “Winter Typography” piece I’m working on.



Okay, I know it’s not much further along than the last one, but……anyways.

I’m going to stitch for awhile now.  We go to Ocean City next month and would love to have this completed. (HOPE HOPE). LOL

Later all,