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Monday, 26 March 2018

Evening all!  It’s very late on a Monday night.  A friend’s husband passed away last week and I went to the viewing tonight.  Just a sad day.

But I got the “Autumn Typography” done except for the beading.  I’ve misplace the package, so I need to take the piece to the store and match the beads to the color of the threads.  I made a mistake in the counting of the threads around the border.  (Photos below).

Now I am working on the last of the 5 pieces that I started in December 2017 while in Ocean City, MD.  Which is good, because we are going back to the ocean in a couple weeks and I will have 5 new pieces to start (next blog post), along with the Adam and Eve monster I really, really need to get a move on.

This piece is “Tiny Spring Violet Sampler” by The Sweetheart Tree.  It uses silver braid which is the worst thing to stitch with, I think.  (Photos below).

That’s it for now,




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