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Another Pretty Darn Good Day!

Today (Saturday) was a busy day.  Ellen and I went to Best Buy, where she found a desktop she liked.  Her old one used Vista and most programs don’t support that.  I checked out the prices and sizes of TV’s.  I don’t have a big house so having a 40-60 inch wide screen would be pointless.

Then we went to Partners in Care.  This place resells clothes, shoes, household items.  She found a wheeled walker that will fit in the car.  I didn’t see anything that said “Buy me”.

Then lunch at Bob Evans.  Then off in a flea market where Ellen bought some old cross stitch patterns.  Again, nothing for me.

Last but not least we stopped in to Bay Area Computers.  They were nice.  I have one desktop computer system, and many laptops.  Turned in the oldest laptop from when I was in Sicily in the early 1990’s.  They destroy the hard drive – and if you want, you can watch them do it.  So, I will be taking more over to them – keyboards, mouse, printers, scanners, and etc.  They only thing they don’t take in monitors – they go to the dump.

So now I’m listening to the baseball game – Oakland Athletics and San Francisco Giants. And stitching.  Still in preseason games.  But in less then two weeks – BASEBALL.

The weather is still a bit windy and chilly.

Bye for now,


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