Sunday, 7 April, 2013

As you can see, Sunday is here again. Saturday, Ellen and I went up to the Stitching Post to pick up my 4 Woodlawn Pieces. Got a pretty green ribbon for the Honorable Mentioned!

I’m thinking of making a “I love me” wall and hang things there that I entered into shows. Put my Navy retirement stuff there, too.

Anyways, I bought a copy of Needlepoint Now – March/April 2013 issue. It had some very interesting pieces in it.

Well, I am off again Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. (Furloughed 3 out of 5 days per week). I actually kind of like not working, but, no money is coming in. I think I will really enjoy when I can really and finally retire and not have to look for another paying job. Maybe finally stitching on the 300 projects, charts, kits and whatever I have all lined up.

That’s it for now.

Take care, Mary


Monday, 25 March 2013












Well, it finally snowed! After all the weather predictions from the past month or so, we finally got something white on the ground. So, I dutifully went out and did a bit of shoveling. Glad it wasn’t much, because I’m tired.

Had a very nice weekend. Better than the past week. We (employees) were told in a very quick meeting that our hours are being cut. I get to work on Thursday and Friday. After a quick review of the budget, I figured I’ll be okay, a little tight, but okay.

Saturday, Ellen came over for the day. She made sloppy joes and brought that. We watched a Crique de Soleil thing. It was okay. Probably not spend the money to see it live.

Sunday, I went to a meeting of the Tangled Stitches. The ladies are really nice. I had a great time. Ellen and I will probably go with them in October to Ocean City. Since we haven’t heard from Lisa, I don’t know if our old group is going. Once of the plus with Tangled Stitches in the Howard Johnson is that they stitch in a conference room that is open almost 24 hours.

So, the status of my stitching projects. Since TAST started, I have been stitching alot on each week stitch. But, since I have a few days off, I NEED to catch up on the other ones. The first one is Dimensions – The Gold Collection Petites – Mariner’s Light. The second one is The Sweetheart Tree – “D” is for Dog. The third one is Jeannette Douglas Designs – My Stitching Treasures. The next seven pictures are from Salty Yarns in Ocean City. Each year, she does a new pattern of things in Ocean City. I decided to stitch them on an afghan for each year our group went to Ocean City. So you can see I have worked 2006 through 2010. Have started 2011 and I have the pattern for 2012. Would live it get taught up before I go back down there in October.

Well, this has been a long post. More later – lunch is calling.

Take care, Mary

Monday, 18 March, 2013






I drove back to Ohio on Friday, 15 March 2013 to see the folks. It was a pleasant drive, no rain, snow, sleet, or sun – a cloudy, but windy day. I always love driving to/from Ohio, there are some favorite spots that I can’t wait to see.

Like the view around Hill Top, PA (right before Breezewood going north). You are driving up the side of a hill and you can see the whole valley spread out to the right.

Another one is the 6 wind machines quietly turning, then the little church on the side of the road you can go to – just up the steps. These sites are on the PA Turnpike.

I was surprised on the route the GPS took me, it used the same route I normally take – up through the hills and dales of Aliquippa. I made good time, 5 hours even. And this was with a stop in Breezewood, Pa., where every time I go through there, they change the entrance and exits to get into where I want to go.

The last stop I love is coming out of the Fort Pitt tunnels on the way back to Maryland. The view of Pittsburg is always a joy to go through.

Saturday, I did my to-do stuff. Dad went with me, and I took some pictures of the old house, and Aunt Edith’s place to send to Craig, went up to Locust Hill so “visit” the family, then over to the Geological Society where I made copies of all the Covert’s obit that I could find. Stopped at the pottery and bought a few bowls for Ellen, then out to Tim Horton’s for lunch. Then back to the house.

I finished Stitch 55, Buttonholed Herringbone, Friday night. Since I only took a few colors with me, I tried to make a Garden Fence with flowers growing up it. I had completed a rough draft, but adapted it because I just wanted to show a few rose bushes. I really like working French Knots!

Saturday, I worked on Stitches 56 and 57, Sailor Stitch and Sailor Edging Stitch. I didn’t take time to think about these stitches, and since I wasn’t at home, I couldn’t get sitting right, the light wasn’t bright enough, I tried to work without the Q-Snaps – and didn’t like having my hands on the fabric – all I could think about was dirty fingers oils and all.

So, back to the Q-Snaps for Stitch 58.

That’s it for now. I drove back to Maryland on Sunday, I think a snow storm was following me all the way home. I took Monday off from work to do the washing, banking, shopping, etc. Back to work tomorrow.

Sunday, 10 March, 2013

What a great weekend. Since the government was closed on Wednesday, and the boss decided to close the business Thursday and Friday. So, I’ve had a rather nice 5 day weekend.

On Saturday, we drove to Leesburg because I wanted to check out the Loudoun Sampler Guild. I really enjoyed the meeting and the other stitchers. I saw only one person using the Q-Snaps, a half dozen ladies using a wooden type of bars (I can’t think of the name right now), but most of the ladies didn’t use any hoops or stuff. It was a long trip – about 80 miles.
This is the website:

After that we went to Stitching Post (I know, three weeks in a row!). Then we went to a Hobby Lobby. Boy, I really liked it. The stuff is cheap, too.

I’m watching “I, Claudius”. I saw it a long time ago. It is really cool.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

It’s Sunday night, and (unfortunately) time for me to wind down my day and start getting ready for work tomorrow. At least next Monday is a holiday. I sometimes think we need a holiday twice a month, just to relax and do the things that are really important – like stitching and sewing.

I bought a book called “WordPress for Dummies” by Lisa Sabin-Wilson and have been reading a bit, then trying it out here. It’s a slow process. The next book I’m going to read is about blogging.

I talked to Jini (stepmom) and my dad, he had to turn his driver’s license in and get a photo id. He’s 84 now and was having a little bit of a problem remembering where he was going when he left the house. So he gave up his van – they sold it last weekend, and his license. I wish I lived a little closer to them, me Maryland, them Ohio, that it wouldn’t take 6 hours of driving each way to see them or lots of money to fly there and rent a car.

Well, I’ve got to get my Valentine cards done and all. Hopefully, no snow, no rain, or gloom during the week. Take care,


Saturday, 9 February 2013

Another week has gone by, already. I tried cleaning my old camera, but the focusy thinkkey just doesn’t do its thingkey. So I had to get a new one. The old one (Sony) was purchased in 2003, so 10 years and with trips to France, Alaska, Ohio, Maryland, and Pennsylvania, its had a good life. The new one is a Canon and it was about $75.00. BUT, I had to go out a buy a memory card ($67.00) to go with it.

And now onto this week’s stitch. Stitch 51 – Raised Herringbone Band.

When I started thinking about this stitch, I thought about the satin stitch (first layer). I liked how to flowed across the material. And thought – what if I emphasized not the color, but the texture. What would happen if by using black and a grey, could I emphasize the texture? So, I stitch five stitches, then using the grey, turn the stitch 90 degrees and stitch 5 more stitches. By alternating back and forth, I think it looked a little dimensional. The bottom one, I was trying for a stain glass look with just using random colors and stitch lengths on the first layer.

The second and third layer became a little bit of a problem because I didn’t know what color to use. The bottom one, I was trying to continue the stain glass idea. And the top one, I guess I went with a fragile feeling type thread, since the black and grey like so strong.

Anyways, I kind of like what turned out, but I would use linen instead of aida next time.




Monday, 4 February 2013

It’s Monday night now, am I am trying to jot a few things down before I call it a night. The Ravens won the Super Bowl – even with a 35 minute blackout. There is a parade tomorrow up in Baltimore.

I started reading a book on blogging. It is kind of interesting, and I was thinking about turning this blog into a place to talk about crafty things. Just something to think about. I also bought a book about Word Press, that I need to read first.

Ellen and I went up to Stitching Post last Saturday, then drove over to Arundel Mills Mall. The parking at Arundel Mills is getting worse and worse, now that the gambling is open 24 hours. Then we went down to Angie’s to see the new dog (and the alpacas). They all are adorable.

Well, it’s getting later and later. That’s it for now.