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Friday, 9 March 2018

Evening, all.  I have had a busy week.

Sunday, my girlfriend called around 5PM, asking me to take her to the Emergency Room.  She was having a pain in her side around the appendix area.  Picked her up and off  we went.  Six hours later, after X-ray’s, Cat Scan, EKG, etc., the doctors figured out she was passing a small kidney stone.  They said it was almost out, but they found water in her right lung, stomach and legs.  Plus A Fib., so they put her in the hospital. I went home while they were writing her orders up to get her a bed.

Monday, after my volunteer hours at the Senior Dog Sanctuary, I popped over to the hospital to check up on her.  Stone gone (YEAH!), but now they needed to get the fluid out, and other stuff I forget.  Made some phone calls to let her family/friends know where she was.  Went to her house to check on her cat and talk to her neighbor about getting the mail and paper.

Tuesday. another history lecture at the Pasadena, MD Senior Center on “Women in History around Baltimore”.  Loved the lecture.  Then off again to the hospital.  She getting better and they say she would be able to come home tomorrow.

Wednesday, a talk on protecting your family’s future at the Senior Center.  I need to review my will, and all that paper work.  Then off to the hospital.  Ellen was ready to go home…….but first, got to get 11 new prescriptions filled.  11!.  Then we went to the grocery store for bread and milk.  Dropped her off.  I think the first thing she wanted to do was take a shower.

Me?  Went home and started my taxes.  I owe both the federal, and the state, but thankfully not a lot.  Then I cleaning out all of my cross stitch fabric that I didn’t want to keep any more, that came to 2 full small bags.  YEAH!

Thursday I went to the doctor’s to have my blood tested on my thyroid levels.  Clean more in the house.  Early night, I was just tired.

Friday, Ellen had two doctor’s appointments to do and then we went to a late lunch.  Got home around 2PM.

Tomorrow is more running around, and Sunday is our Tangle Stitching meeting.  Of course, I haven’t stitch any this past few weeks…..Ahh well, such is life.

That’s it for now.  Bye.



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