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More Stash Out the Door

Well, my friend stopped by today and we loaded four boxes of card making and scrap booking stuff into her car.  I am sooooo pissed that I bought all this stuff that I am now finding and never used.  And I still probably have 4 – 8 more boxes left to get out of the house.  But, one day at a time…………

I made some homemade noodles like Mom use to on holidays.  They are “resting” now.  Will cook them tonight after my “King of Avalon” fighting, which is in a couple minutes.  I like playing the war games on my ipad.  TV is so boring at times, and I don’t like hearing all the bad news and what Trump has done today.

We had high winds all of yesterday, and there were and still are lots of power outages.  I was lucky and had no problems.

Sooo, next big thing is get my taxes started.  And I am dreading that!  Always have to pay, pay, and pay some more.

Tangle is in 8 days and I need to stitch…..but I’ve been up since 3 this morning, hope to get some sleep tonight.  Game time!  Later!



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