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A Very Productive Day So Far

Afternoon!  Today I went to Walmart to buy a new door knob system.  The old one didn’t work anymore, and until I could get paid, I used a towel over the top of the door to help wedge it shut.  So, I just finished installing the new knobs.  It took awhile, until I pulled up a chair and could see the two screw holes to put the screws in.  YEAH! LOL

I also was able to buy a new printer for $49.99.  And installed it, and hooked it up to my laptop, and the wifi.  I’m just rolling along, right?

Well, I had broke my diffuser a few days ago – spilled water on the fan motor.  So they were on sale and I got a new and bigger one.  Bigger reservoir.  I can now smell it down stairs in the living room.  HMMMM, less essential oils in it next time.  It’s a bit strong at the moment.

Lunch time!  See you all later,



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