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Saturday, 24 February 2018

Good evening everyone.  The Olympics are still going on, and I envy how they can ski for 50 Kilometers and still talk at the end of the race.

I have been slacking on the cross stitch.  Just not in the mood.  BUT, I dropped off 3 boxes/bags of things to Goodwill, my friend came by to return the boxes so I can fill them up again with scrapbooking plus I had one box and a carrier ready for her to take.  AND I had a full bin of recycle this week.  This was a good week.

Have been going through my files.  Trying to pitch, shred, or file what I need.  It’s a pain in the butt!

Finally, I started spraying the spots that the cat’s throw up stain the carpet.  We’ll see if it works. A little bit each day and I might be done in a couple years. HAHA.

Take care




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