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Why do perms smell so bad?

Evening all,

I got a perm today.  If I don’t my hair is flat and uglyish.  Rosie does them on Wednesday for $35.00, which I think is a good deal.  It’s just the not washing the hair for three days.  But I usually just wet it instead to try and get the smell out.  Ick!

Let me state, I do not like to do housework.  And cleaning the toilet is the worse job there is.  But, the bathroom was next on the list of “to dos” so, while Dr. Phil was on, I cleaned the whole thing.  Even got down on the hands and knees to clean in the nooks and crannies.  Bravo!

Tomorrow, is a couple hours in my master bedroom closet.  I stopped at Office Depot to buy 10 storage boxes.  When I fill them, I will call Purple Heart to come and get them.  Then buy another 10 boxes……see the pattern?  I figure I have enough zones to hit each area about every two weeks.  Then, (I hope) start combining areas to get a complete cleaning every seven days.  That’s all I can handle at the moment and not feel over whelmed.

Oh yeah, I updated my web (?) to the $4.00/month plan.  Now, I got to figure it out.

So, it’s time to eat dinner and stitch.  Later…



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