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Monday, 29 January 2018

Hhmmm, I cleaned out about 40 cross stitch patterns and got them together in a bag to take to the next Tangle, yesterday.

Today, I cleaned out 1 and a half closet shelves in one of the spare bedroom of papers and junk.  Shredded the important papers I didn’t need and made three piles.  1. tax paperwork and important papers, 2. stuff that are papercrafts, crochet books, and maybe things that I can give away to another crafter, and the 3rd pile is recipes and magazines to read through TODAY.

So, now I did my “homework” and can go stitch.  The Adam and Eve project I’m doing is 40 count over 2, except for filling in Eve which is over one thread with continental stitch.  It’s very tiring on my eyes…….but again, on ward and up ward.  Tomorrow is progress picture day.

More later,



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