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Thursday, 25 January 2018

Good afternoon,

Well today, my favorite handyman came by and replaced my 3 smoke detectors.  They were hardwired into the house when it was built and the first batch of smoke detectors I bought were not the right one.  So, I (with the help of an Home Depot guy) figured out the ones I really needed.  But the detector on the new ones didn’t fit into the base of the old ones (figures, right?).  Also, the outside tongue latch on my front door broke and had to get a new hardware set.

The end product was Pat replaced the smoke detectors in about 20 minutes, took the door handle apart, found the missing screw and fixed that!  I’ll return the front door hardware that I bought and get a refund – $125.00!

So, since I finished my stitching project, I was looking through my “stash” for a new one.  3 full bins and a file cabinet drawer later, I came to the conclusion that I have way to many projects.  No more buying!  Lots more stitching!

I had started this project many years ago.IMG_1047

The project is named “Ten”, by Amy Mitten Design, Ltd.  It was published in 2009, and advertised as a weekend mystery sampler with 10 chapters.  You read a bit, stitch a bit, etc…. The material and threads were provided along with Amy herself teaching us.  I’m stitching on 40-count, I think, and have been putting it off for years….No more.  On ward and up ward.

So, that’s it for now.  Well, except for figuring out what to weed out from my stash and taking it to the next Tangle Stitches meeting for redistribution..





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