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Fells Point in Baltimore, MD

Afternoon all;

Today I went to the Pasadena Senior Center to listen to a talk on the ghosts and spirits in Fells Point, up in Baltimore.  I learned the difference between a ghost (one who has died suddenly and/or violently), and a spirit (one who has died peacefully).  Ghosts are doomed to repeat over and over certain things, and can not see you, while spirits can see you, and I guess, try to help you.  Then the speaker, Cliff, talk about various haunted taverns, bars, and houses in Fells Point, and how people have seen ghosts at various times of the year.  Fells Point has/had at one time, more bars per square feet, and to get around the Prohibition time, the word “bar”, “saloon” and “tavern” were deleted from their signage, and the word “soda pop” was added.  Also, if there was a red crab in the window, there was alcohol inside.  They didn’t really pay any attention to Prohibition.  It was a nice talk.

So, I finished motif panel no. 6 and attached it to the rest of the roll.  I have stitched Motif Panel No. 7: Baby Basket and Dog.  Getting ready to attach it to the roll – the authors didn’t say how to attach it, nor do they show a finished picture, so I’ve got to adjust/think about it.

I looked up an old website that I really loved.  Take a Stitch Tuesday.  Each week, Sharon talks about a stitch.  This is her website on Pinterest.  http://pintangle.com/tast-faq/  If you decide to try the stitch, you can post your results on her site.  It’s cool to see what people do.

Still working with the iPhone, LOL.  More later,



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