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A Journey with Sibbel Needlework

Afternoon all,

I am working on “A Journey with Sibbel” needlework by Susan Greening Davis and Sally Criswell.  It is the story of an 18th-Century Orphan’s Study of Needlework.  As you read her story, you stitch the piece she was learning her stitches and how to make them.  I am working on Motif Panel No. 6: Tree with Tulips, Winged Heart, Birds with Grapes.  I am trying to upload the photos, but apparently the iPhone is a bit slow (or I am a bit slow, LOL).

Anyways, I can’t figure out how to send a photo from iPhone to laptop email program.  Guess I got a bit of homework to do.  I will NOT be one of those seniors citizens that needs a teenager to figure this out…….

There are 14 panels and each one stitches up pretty quickly.  I have more problems in joining the panels together.  I belong to a stitching group that is meeting on Sunday and I would like to have most of this thing done.

On another note, I have been learning about Essential Oils.  I put 2-3 drops each of Eucalyptus, Peppermint and Tea Tree Oils in a small diffuser to see if it would clear my sinuses at night. It did!  Now it didn’t last all night, but enough for me to notice that I could breathe thru my nose.

So, I decided to try something else.  Sometimes I have troubles getting to sleep.  The brain just doesn’t stop!  So, I saw an article that said to use the “Peace” from Doterra. I used the rollerball and rubbed on the bottom of my feet and palms of hands.  And I fell asleep pretty darn quickly.  Now, I don’t know if I was just really tired and rubbing my feet helped……

Okay, I’ve got the washing to finish up and got to stitch!





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