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Update since June

Well, here it is January. And it’s cold. And I’ve haven’t been on my blog since June. Well, I got laid off in June – the bosses idea of telling me is slowly decreasing my hours, then having someone else ask for my keys. So, I went through a little depression and all, and started trying to find a job. I did get help and training from the Maryland Career Center – they were really great! And I found other people around my age having the same problem (no job). Then I answered a Craig’s list job posting, interviewed a couple times and got the job. So I started working in August, and have been there since. And I love the job. Don’t have to ask my boss to go to the bathroom, can work on what needs to be done – my way.
So now, I am starting to get back in the mood for knitting, stitching, quilting and etc., etc., etc.
More later and all


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