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Thursday, 6 June, 2013

Evening all,

Well, I’ve got a problem. I currently have a feral mother cat with her 4 kittens living under my shed. (One of the babies caught and ate a mouse yesterday!)

The rescue places are full. I got the impressions they really don’t want feral cats, they have enough with family drops off and all.

The ASPCA – I have to apply and get a trap license, go get the trap, set it up, monitor it through out the day (but don’t put it down on Sundays or Holidays), THEN call them when they are trapped and they will come and pick it up. If the cats are not claimed within 5 days, they are “put to sleep” – I was so upset with this last part, I had to take a nap.

I’ve got a call into a “Trap, Neuter, and Return” place. I’m thinking that IF I get them all fixed, then they could live (without constantly having babies) in the woods behind me with the rest of the clan. (Apparently, feral cats stick together in a clan!) I could put food and water out each day and monitor them. I have a six foot fence around the yard, and so far, only the mother can climb it.

My heart-strings are pulled, but I know I can’t have 7 cats living in the house. I will NOT be an old cat woman.

Does this sound silly, stupid, not thinking of all the solutions? Have you done something with feral cats?

Please let me know,

Off to feeding them and then some stitching on my stupid lighthouse.



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