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Monday, 6 May, 2013





Good afternoon, well, here it is Monday, again. Boy, does the week go fast. I finished the Graph of the Month – Early Winter 2012 from Summer House Sitiche Workes. It was stitched on 28 count Raw Linen Cashel Linen from Zweigart with floss from The Gentle Art and Weeks Dye Works. It was meant to be stitched over 2 with two strands of floss, but I decided just to stitch it over one thread. I should of just used 1 thread instead of 2, though. Lesson learned.

My sample stitch for Stitch 64 Top Knotted Buttonhole is the next few pictures. With the reddish pictures I was trying to make a “gear” turning type of picture. Then I tried stitching 4 stitches, with 4 smaller stitches inside. The green stitches is me trying different levels, but the same spacing between each stitch. Finally, the blue stitches is me trying different sizes of stitches, and then just stitching where ever I wanted. With the blue stitches, I used 1 thread, but had to wrapped the needle a couple more times to get the knot to stay on this side of the material.

Well, that’s it for now,

Take care,


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