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Monday, 25 March 2013












Well, it finally snowed! After all the weather predictions from the past month or so, we finally got something white on the ground. So, I dutifully went out and did a bit of shoveling. Glad it wasn’t much, because I’m tired.

Had a very nice weekend. Better than the past week. We (employees) were told in a very quick meeting that our hours are being cut. I get to work on Thursday and Friday. After a quick review of the budget, I figured I’ll be okay, a little tight, but okay.

Saturday, Ellen came over for the day. She made sloppy joes and brought that. We watched a Crique de Soleil thing. It was okay. Probably not spend the money to see it live.

Sunday, I went to a meeting of the Tangled Stitches. The ladies are really nice. I had a great time. Ellen and I will probably go with them in October to Ocean City. Since we haven’t heard from Lisa, I don’t know if our old group is going. Once of the plus with Tangled Stitches in the Howard Johnson is that they stitch in a conference room that is open almost 24 hours.

So, the status of my stitching projects. Since TAST started, I have been stitching alot on each week stitch. But, since I have a few days off, I NEED to catch up on the other ones. The first one is Dimensions – The Gold Collection Petites – Mariner’s Light. The second one is The Sweetheart Tree – “D” is for Dog. The third one is Jeannette Douglas Designs – My Stitching Treasures. The next seven pictures are from Salty Yarns in Ocean City. Each year, she does a new pattern of things in Ocean City. I decided to stitch them on an afghan for each year our group went to Ocean City. So you can see I have worked 2006 through 2010. Have started 2011 and I have the pattern for 2012. Would live it get taught up before I go back down there in October.

Well, this has been a long post. More later – lunch is calling.

Take care, Mary


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