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Monday, 18 March, 2013






I drove back to Ohio on Friday, 15 March 2013 to see the folks. It was a pleasant drive, no rain, snow, sleet, or sun – a cloudy, but windy day. I always love driving to/from Ohio, there are some favorite spots that I can’t wait to see.

Like the view around Hill Top, PA (right before Breezewood going north). You are driving up the side of a hill and you can see the whole valley spread out to the right.

Another one is the 6 wind machines quietly turning, then the little church on the side of the road you can go to – just up the steps. These sites are on the PA Turnpike.

I was surprised on the route the GPS took me, it used the same route I normally take – up through the hills and dales of Aliquippa. I made good time, 5 hours even. And this was with a stop in Breezewood, Pa., where every time I go through there, they change the entrance and exits to get into where I want to go.

The last stop I love is coming out of the Fort Pitt tunnels on the way back to Maryland. The view of Pittsburg is always a joy to go through.

Saturday, I did my to-do stuff. Dad went with me, and I took some pictures of the old house, and Aunt Edith’s place to send to Craig, went up to Locust Hill so “visit” the family, then over to the Geological Society where I made copies of all the Covert’s obit that I could find. Stopped at the pottery and bought a few bowls for Ellen, then out to Tim Horton’s for lunch. Then back to the house.

I finished Stitch 55, Buttonholed Herringbone, Friday night. Since I only took a few colors with me, I tried to make a Garden Fence with flowers growing up it. I had completed a rough draft, but adapted it because I just wanted to show a few rose bushes. I really like working French Knots!


Saturday, I worked on Stitches 56 and 57, Sailor Stitch and Sailor Edging Stitch. I didn’t take time to think about these stitches, and since I wasn’t at home, I couldn’t get sitting right, the light wasn’t bright enough, I tried to work without the Q-Snaps – and didn’t like having my hands on the fabric – all I could think about was dirty fingers oils and all.


So, back to the Q-Snaps for Stitch 58.

That’s it for now. I drove back to Maryland on Sunday, I think a snow storm was following me all the way home. I took Monday off from work to do the washing, banking, shopping, etc. Back to work tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Monday, 18 March, 2013

  1. I went to Duquesne University & I know the view you mean! Stunning. Ever stop in Philly? The trolley incline ride gives a wonderful view of the city as well. But, having that view from the tunnel just appear before you from nothing is a joy every time. And, leave time for a Pirmanti Brothers sandwich!

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