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Sunday, 10 March, 2013

What a great weekend. Since the government was closed on Wednesday, and the boss decided to close the business Thursday and Friday. So, I’ve had a rather nice 5 day weekend.

On Saturday, we drove to Leesburg because I wanted to check out the Loudoun Sampler Guild. I really enjoyed the meeting and the other stitchers. I saw only one person using the Q-Snaps, a half dozen ladies using a wooden type of bars (I can’t think of the name right now), but most of the ladies didn’t use any hoops or stuff. It was a long trip – about 80 miles.
This is the website: http://loudounsamplerguild.wordpress.com/.

After that we went to Stitching Post (I know, three weeks in a row!). Then we went to a Hobby Lobby. Boy, I really liked it. The stuff is cheap, too.

I’m watching “I, Claudius”. I saw it a long time ago. It is really cool.


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