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Saturday, 2 March, 2013

Hallowean CatsAutumn TypographyCounted Thread BlackworkFour Spices

Today, Ellen and I went to Woodlawn Plantation. It’s the 50th Annual Needlework Exhibition at Woodlawn. The weather was dreary, but no rain. They have a new entrance now, and it’s a work in progress, I think.

Anyways, the show. There are 714 exhibits, 11 different categories, and 9 awards. I received “Honorable Mention” for my Halloween Cats piece. How cool. unfortunately, you can only take pictures of your own entries, because there were some beautiful pieces. It is well worth going to!

After that, we drove over to “In Stitches”. http://www.institchesneedlework.com/ Then we drove up to “The Stitching Post” to pick up some fabric I had ordered. http://www.the-stitching-post.com/ It started snowing off and on as we drove around, but nothing stuck.

That’s it for now.



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