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Saturday, 16 February 2013

For a dark and dreary day, it turned out pretty good.

Ellen and I went up to Stitching Post. Me to pick up my ticket to Woodlawn – free enter if you enter a piece into the show. Stitching Post took down 39 entries from 19 people. I bought some 14 count white aida to work on the TAST projects, and the free graph of the month is Winter/Early Spring 2013 by Thistles. Of course, I bought the linen and thread packet. The finished piece is mounted into a little box – which I thought was really cute.

The material I ordered for Winter Typography isn’t in yet, which gives me the opportunity to go back in a couple weeks.

Anyways, here is their website: http://www.the-stitching-post.com. It’s a great place and very easy to get to from the Baltimore beltway. What I like the best are patterns by the same author, or company are grouped together and there is room to turn the spindles and see all of the patterns. Some places I have been in, you turn one rack and two others are turning since they are spaced close together. Plus at Stitching Post, all the new things are laid out on tables and racks by the entrance.

This is the link to the Woodlawn and Frank Lloyd Wright’s Pope-Leighey House. This is the first show of the year for this area. It’s not a long drive, and when we go down to the show next month, I’ll take my GPS and see how far it is. http://woodlawn1805.org/events

We went to A.C. Moore, and I bought another booklet on making dishcloths. I saw some yarn that I really liked and I think I was just looking for something to make from it.

I am thinking about going to the Pittsburg Knit and Crochet Festival in Pittsburg, PA in mid March. It would be a short drive to see the folks and I would feel a little better making sure they are okay. It’s hard having the parents live 5 hours away sometimes.

It had started to snow a little on the way home. Can’t wait till spring!

More later,


One thought on “Saturday, 16 February 2013

  1. Hi, I’m looking forward to Woodlawn as well! And, I sent a couple of pieces as well. It should be an extra special show this year since it is the 50th anniversary. Once it closer, we’ll pick a weekend with some good weather.

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