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Home at last!

Today is Wednesday, 21 Nov. 2012.  Finally got home from work.  My boss gave me a 16lb. turkey –  it felt like 20 lbs after carrying it on the Metro, and then to my truck.  Had to stop at the store and get a few more things for tomorrow.  Did I mentioned I’m cooking for me and my two cats?  I’ll have turkey until Christmas!

I have been looking at http://pintangle.com and just drooling over the pictures.

Well, I’m off to start the turkey – seeing if it is thawed and all, then a few hours on the computer and cross stitching.

Bye for now,



One thought on “Home at last!

  1. hi,
    This is your knitting sister here. I’m working on a blue vest that has a simple cable pattern. I went to the knitting store and got the next possible pattern to work on. I want to start kniiting with the lace patterns….never enough time….ta ta L

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